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Alternatives to Toptal When Hiring PHP Laravel Engineers

Alternatives to Toptal When Hiring PHP Laravel Engineers

With the tech talent shortage going on, it has been very hard to hire good PHP Laravel Engineers. Other than that, there are too many freelancers available on the internet, it has become very hard to find one with true expertise and experience.

We all know Toptal and how they provide top engineers. But can everyone in search of experienced PHP Laravel Engineers find the perfect candidate only from Toptal? Not necessarily. There are plenty of Toptal alternatives that provide a great platform to hire engineers and developers from. Hence, we have compiled a list of Toptal alternatives who can provide you with the best PHP Laravel Engineers.

Why Choose Toptal Substitutes?

Toptal: For the past ten years, Toptal has dominated the Mern Stack development market. Its distinguishing feature is a thorough screening process supported by a potent recommender system. In doing so, it must be acknowledged that Toptal has done an excellent job of maintaining consistently top talent inside its network.

As businesses of all sizes want to recruit developers who can paint with code, demand for Mern Stack engineers has grown over time. The growing popularity of remote operators has also given birth to more substantial solutions to issues in various specific models, from strong vetted professional networks to pure bidding markets. Therefore, let us help you with all of your options if you’re seeking for sufficient experience outside of Toptal.

How Much Does Toptal Cost?: Toptal developer rates can vary from talent to talent as the platform allows freelancers to set their own rates. Rates may however differ based on the location of the developer and seniority as well.

How Long Does it Take to Hire Talent Through Toptal?: Hiring the pre-vetted tech talent from Toptal’s talent pool is based on availability as each talent is matched to the client’s requirement.

Quality Toptal Alternatives: Top-notch alternatives to Toptal are also available in large number these days. Next, we’ll highlight a few excellent Toptal substitiues. They may be very helpful to you. The licence explains how they can provide a product that more closely matches your preferences. Hence it is worth knowing about all your options when hiring your tech talents.

Let’s begin! is your best bet. They have been a 100% remote company since their existence and they provide the top 1% of vetted software engineers. Their engineers have worked for some of the most prestigious organizations such as Google, Oracle, and Nintendo.

Moreover, they match you with an engineer best suited according to your needs in just 48 hours of you requesting one. In addition to that, they have engineering specialists help you throughout the process in order to ensure the quality.


Upwork is very famous among freelancers. Over 5 million organizations utilize their services in order to hire PHP Laravel engineers either for long-term work or short-term.

Even though Upwork is a freelancing platform, they follow a strict screening policy. For example, if they already have a number of specialists for a particular skill set, they will not accept new profiles of specialists for the same category of job.

Doing so helps them maintain the quality of the work on the platform. Also, it is very easy to seek jobs or candidates on the platforms. All it takes is to sign up on the platform and post an ad for a PHP Laravel Developer.


DevTeam.Space is a great platform to find dedicated, motivated and hardworking PHP developers. The main goal of the platform is to connect businesses with a team of reliable and talented technical experts. One aspect that helps Devteam.Space set themselves apart is its state of the art AI-powered agile process that allows businesses to plan, track and coordinate with their software development team.

After you have specified your project details and have selected PHP developers who fit into the criteria, an account manager will grant you access to a dev server, a communication channel and a dashboard. With the help of these tools you would be able to overlook and control everything by monitoring the development stages and receive constant updates about the project.

You may relax knowing that your project will be handled by experts because the platform carefully selects the best PHP web developers to join the community.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is by far one of the best platforms to utilize when wanting to hire a software professional on a remote basis. They cannot be categorized as a freelance website or a boring old job board. Instead, they are a platform that exclusively caters to employment seekers and recruiters in search for remote working arrangements.

Unlike other job board platforms, We Work Remotely does not provide its services free of cost. A single job posting can cost a business up to $299. The platform is a little pricey when compared to the rest, however, it more than makes up for it with a community of great working leads and expert technical developers. Therefore, if you are not trying to hire a remote PHP developer on a permanent basis and are looking for someone part-time, We Work Remotely is not for you.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a well regarded online community made up of developers and programmers where they are able to share programming queries online, seek assistance, help other developers with projects, or just simply indulge in conversations about coding. The website also supports a large job board where developers can easily seek and hire PHP developers who have sufficient experience to fit any criteria.

In order to post an ad, you are required to sign up and create a job listing. Be sure not to leave out any requirements, as it may attract irrelevant applicants. They do not support a fixeed pricing system on their website


ZipRecruiter is also another in a long list of platforms designed for recruiters and job seekers. It not only enables you to post jobs on their website, but also does it on your behalf on other job forums. The website has changed over the years, from being a job board to an online application tracking system.

ZipRecruiter is not really a free platform. They provide you with a 4-day trial, which allows you to upload an ad for a PHP developer. However, to continue using the platform, you’ll need to choose one of the detailed packages, starting at $249.


Like everything else in technology, the PHP programming language is continually changing. Make sure PHP developers you hire are up to date with the latest developments. Whichever platform you choose, just make sure your team fits all the project requirements to the dot.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to recruit the best freelance talent online, Toptal alternatives are fantastic options. They conduct a rigorous interview screening procedure that only 1% of candidates pass, eliminating all prospects of low calibre.

Even while each of these Toptal solutions may be improved, the one you make will ultimately depend on your needs. Alternatives that allow Toptal access to comparable suppliers include, Gaper, and CloudDevs. These two platforms provide a thorough screening and verification procedure for all of its developers.

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