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Education Resources

Communicating with Children
Principles and Practices to Nurture, Inspire, Excite, Educate and Heal.

This resource pack provides simple, practical guidelines and tools for the development of age-appropriate communication materials for children of different age groups. It will be a cornerstone in improving communication for children, guiding UNICEF Country Offices, academics, media producers and others in the development of materials for child audiences.

WHO - The Health Academy's goal is to improve knowledge about attaining and maintaining good health. Through eLearning – which is how WHO defines learning by any electronic technology and media – the Organization has the means to reach out to people with information on disease prevention and health promotion. What is particularly important is the ability to reach school-age children, those aged from 12-18 years.

WHO is in a unique position to provide this information with its access to health expertise and rich information resources including those from its 193 Member States.

Pratham Books
A Book In Every Child's Hand: We believe that every child has the right to enjoy good books. And we believe they should have stories set in surroundings familiar to them and in a language close to their culture. We believe that to make books accessible to every child, the price points have to be very low. Pratham Books is a brand of story books as Indian as the children who read them. As a not-for-profit publisher, our dream is to see a country where every child wants to read, is able to read, and has something good to read.

Link to Audio Books

Hesperian Health Guides

Hesperian Health GuidesHesperian Health Guides is a nonprofit health information and health education source that develops accessible materials in many languages. Access free information aimed in Hesperian's HealthWiki related to the health and rights of girls and young women.

Health concerns of girls: Available in English and Spanish
More resources from Hesperian Health Guides

More resources from Hesperian Health Guides

Nan and Lili App for iPhone
الحروف الهجائية مع نان و ليلي

Nan and Lili iPhone App

Download from App Store

"الحروف الهجائية مع نان و ليلي" هدية من قناة براعم لكل الأطفال و لأسرهم في العالم العربي.

تطبيق جديد للتعرف على الحروف الهجائية و طريقة كتابتها. اضغط على الحرف لتسمع كيفية النطق به، ثم اضغط على الصور لتعرف الكلمات التي تبدأ بذلك الحرف، و أخيرا اجعل طفلك يحاول كتابته باتباع التعليمات.

جميع الحقوق محفوظة لقناة براعم

This a free app by Baraem TV station for children. It is a way to learn the alphabet. You touch a letter to hear how it is annunciated and you touch a picture to learn the vocabulary.

Winner of a 2009 CINE Golden Eagle, two Telly Awards and a Certificate of Merit at INTERCOM of the Chicago International Film Festival. The mobile game application based on the series received over 100,000 downloads in the first two months.

This world-class 3D animated series features four enduring, cute characters set against a series of beautiful backgrounds. Reaching both girls and boys, the animated series targets pre-school children between 2 and 4 years old. Creative and interactive, the series is designed to engage young viewers in a playful way while being educative. The series educates pre-schoolers about a wide variety of subjects, ranging from the alphabet to developing self-confidence, creativity, determination and learning capacity.

Other Arabic Apps for Children

E-Learning for Kids

e-learning for kids

e-Learning for Kids offers FREE online education in math, science, languages, health, environmental and life skills for children 5-12. English, French, Spanish, Indian English, and Portuguese.

You can either run our course from our site, or drop me a note, and we can give you the offline version so you can create your own CDs or host them locally. Just last year, we donated our online modules to over 2.3 million kids worldwide and in over 190 countries. This year we are working on adding 150 titles to our library (currently we offer 200 courses.)

Education for Girls


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